This is a little photo addendum to Chrissie's 2019 Christmas letter.  It covers just a few of the events in more detail with some photos that are largely not of birds ( a few sneaked in).  If you click on any photo it will open the viewer for that particular set

Family events

Many highlights on the family front but I have chosen just a few -- A family photoshoot with Nicko, Nikki and the kids, a flying visit to Australia by Chrissie's brother Chris,  the Spring Cycle event - 50km to Homebush and our annual opportunity to ride over the Harbour bridge,  the arrival of new granddaughter Abby and of course a family Christmas lunch all made for a fun year

California/ Ferrareses

One of the highlights of 2019 was the opportunity to stop over in San Francisco and catch up with a longstanding (50 year) friend Pete Ferrarese. We drove up to Elk in Northern California to also meet up with Pete’s son Sean and his wife Elise and their children Dominic and Vincent.  We met up with Pete in Novato, North of San Francisco then drove up to Elk - on the coast about 200km North.  The Elk coastline is stunning, it has a Michelin starred restaurant, in which we had a stunning meal, and Sean and Elise  run the Elk Store; and what a store it is - you name it, they have it

Cane Fire

Visit to our Burdekin cane farm

It was great fun to visit our cane farm at harvest time.  Apart from seeing a cane fire and harvesting, we also were able to follow the production process right through to the loading of the ship for export.  We also saw our crop of popcorn being grown for the domestic popcorn market


Our trip to Thailand was for bird photography but we also had the opportunity to eat a lot of Thai food and to see the countryside in two national park areas - Kang Krachang and Khao Yai.  I could not resist sticking in a couple of bird images


Sadly a last opportunity to call it Holland.  The Dutch are planning to ditch the use of Holland in favour of Netherlands.  We visited to see some of Chrissie's friends but did a day of bird photography in the countryside also.  Seeing the countryside was the fascinating thing - large areas of reclaimed land with walls holding back the sea

Channel Country

In the middle of the year I had an expedition to the Channel Country of far Western Queensland.  Following two big rain events both the Diamantina River and Cooper Creek were flowing.   The wildlife was breeding to take advantage of the circumstances


We visited Tasmania in early December.  It was bitterly cold with gale force winds for the whole week, certainly a dramatic contrast to smoky Sydney.  Our time was spent around Hobart and on Bruny Island. The images are of the view from the top of Mt Wellington, a Tasmanian Waratah, a flame Robin and a Pink Robin.   Great food and some very pretty birds despite the terrible weather

O'Reilly's Lamington National Park

We had a brief visit to O'Reilly's in Lamington National park with friends.  It was just when the seasonal fires were starting so spectacular sunsets due to the smoke haze.  The birds there are very tame - in some ways not ideal for bird photography because they won't sit on nice natural perches!!

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